• A premium brand for sustainable, robust coatings solutions for the substrate wood
  • A midsize company with a heart
  • A young company but our people have decades of industry experience
  • Our approach: We hear you. We see you. And together we will find a solution.
  • We only promise when we know we can last it

Your advantage:
Working based on partnership with the most experienced young coatings company to tread new paths for your coatings business.

VR Coatings

Videre Rebus Coatings (VR Coatings) is an international brand. We provide our customers with sustainable and robust coating solutions for substrates such as wood.

Although we are still a relatively young company, our developments are based on an exceptional amount of experience and know-how, as our team includes many qualified experts in a variety of areas. We have brought together a great amount of expertise and innovation in order to tread new paths and offer cutting-edge products and services. Our decades of industry experience ensure that all developments are based on solid foundations and live up to our customers’ demands.


We supply not merely a coating system, but a skin for the respective substrate. Similarly, to the human body, the substrate of wood also requires utmost protection and care in order to function properly over a longer period of time. Our products are as important for the survival of the wood as our skin is for us, as they are a protective and caring layer for what lies beneath.


Like human skin, our coatings are ideally suited for a large range of conditions, whether indoors or outdoors, and provide high-class finishing as well as ideal protection from ever harsher environmental conditions. But not only our compact, simple portfolio of products is first class, as we also make exceptional additional services such as training or marketing support available to our customers.

VR Coatings also takes the issues of sustainability and social responsibility very seriously. These are two of our central themes that are implemented throughout our company, and we ensure that we never promise anything we can’t deliver. So when opting for VR Coatings you can always be sure that you will be getting state-of-the-art products and services at a competitive price, provided by a counterpart you can trust.