System Fences


  • particularly well suited for wooden houses, garden furniture, decking, claddings, fences
  • low film building product for brush and dip application
  • good durability
  • no flaking caused by weathering
  • even colour
  • wood does not loose the natural feeling
  • film forming still works from 0–10°C if the humidity is not too high!

Sedipan WACT 640
Product Code: V640R912Cxx

Waterborne translucent 3in1 (primer, mid-topcoat)

  • low film building
  • all-in-one product
  • contains UV-Filters
  • water-repellent
  • no flanking during wathering
  • easy to maintain

Colours: On request

Packaging 5 l /20 l
Area of use
  • stable
  • unstable
Application Type
  • dipping
  • flow coating
  • brush
  • spray
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