The perfect high gloss skin

Besides matt, and natural surfaces, a high gloss surface is also becoming a popular and ongoing trend. A high gloss surface for exterior with the VR Coatings products is easy to work with and apply and very durable. The high gloss topcoats SEDIPAN WACT 500 and SEDIPAN WACT 600 use the same product technology as lower gloss grades from VR Coatings.

Therefore, our high gloss products provide the following benefits:

  • Very easy to apply
  • A very good durability
  • Brilliant opaque colours
  • For translucent colours a furniture-like surface

Depending on the substrate and its preparation the paint applicator can easily reach a gloss of 90 GU or even higher with the high gloss systems from VR Coatings.

Tips to create the perfect high gloss skin for exterior:

  • Wood preparation is important, high gloss needs an even surface
  • Always use a midcoat for high gloss topcoats
  • Sand the midcoat with not less than 240 grind
  • Pay attention to the drying and ensure a flash off zone with 60% relative humidity for at least 30 minutes
  • Take care during the handling of dried wood elements