The perfect skin for Larch

Larch is a very special wood. Its natural colour is attractive and the durability of Larch is good, because of its’ high content of wood ingredients. But at the same time the ingredients are soluble in water. This can create uneven surfaces, cracks or sagging challenges when using the wrong coating.

As larch is getting more interesting and popular for wooden construction VR Coatings have taken the demanding wood ingredients of larch as a challenge to develop a system for the perfect skin for larch:

This system offers very good protection against film building challenges on larch. Based on the special midcoat SEDIPAN WACM 330 our Larch system enables the paint applicator to stop all unwanted effects of the wood ingredients with one layer of midcoat. Furthermore, it is possible to use an opaque or translucent finish within the system to create the perfect paint skin.

What is the difference of our special system for Larch? The technology of the midcoat is working with special binder types that are not reacting with the wood ingredients. It blocks the ingredients with the midcoat layer, so that the wood ingredients cannot have any detrimental effect on the following topcoat. The use of the larch system from VR Coatings reduce the storage capacity as there are no different midcoats needed.

Thanks to the special larch system from VR Coatings the paint applicator can use larch and enjoy the unique look & feel of the perfect skin.