VR Coatings – a new partner with a lot of experience

The market for wood coatings is a market with well-known and traditional brands. Since 2016 there is a new player on the European market: VR Coatings. The international premium brand of Prime Top Alliance offers sustainable, robust coating solutions for wooden elements.

Founded in 2015 VR Coatings is quite a young brand – but with a lot of experience. The team is full of experts – all have decades of experience within the wood coatings business.

With a product portfolio for Exterior as well as Interior wood coatings VR Coatings entered the European market. The product portfolio is easy, simple and compact. It provides the customer with all that is needed – not more and not less. Beside solutions for windows, doors, furniture or kitchen cabinets VR Coatings also have individual systems for different wood species such as larch. The quality of the products is approved via external certificates and exposure tests. “And a big advantage is that we only have two base paints which reduce the storage space requirement of the customer” Margus Paim, Key Account Sales Manager explains.

But VR Coatings supplies not only a coating system, but a skin for the substrate. Similar to the human body the substrate of wood also requires protection and care to function properly over a long time.” Therefore, VR Coatings provide MORE than coatings to create the perfect skin: Seminars, Technical Service, Marketing support and a world of colour.

Based on the approach “We hear you. We see you. And together we will find a solution for you.” VR Coatings is the new partner for more than coatings in the market.