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We are

We are

VR Coatings

Videre Rebus Coatings (VR Coatings) is an international brand. We provide our customers with sustainable and robust coating solutions for substrates such as wood. Although we are still a relatively young company, our developments are based on an exceptional amount of experience and know-how, as our team includes many qualified experts in a variety of areas. We have brought together a great amount of expertise and innovation in order to tread new paths and offer cutting-edge products and services. Our decades of industry experience ensure that all developments are based on solid foundations and live up to our customers’ demands.

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Services for the perfect Skin

We are

We a sure that the creation of the perfect skin doesn’t end with our products. Therefore, not only our products are first class – we also provide our customers with excellent additional service.

We share our expertise of our experts regarding all functions where you need our support. And based on our credo “We hear you. We see you. Together we will find a solution” we decide together where you need more. 

The perfect skin for your wood construction will protect the substrate from harshenvironmental conditions and ensure a long lifetime of the wood.  ...more

Similarly to human skin, a good coating system for the substrate of wood requires individual layers that are perfectly linked to one another.  ...more

When creating the perfect skin, the application can follow not only by spray, but also by using a brush to protect the wood and provide a decorative surface.

As we understand ourselves as your partner for more than coatings we want to provide you as much as possible relevant information.

Therefore you can find all brochures and materials in the download area about our brand and our products. For the technical datasheets please use our login area.


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