We spoke about creativity, wooden architecture, robustness of our coatings, and of the way Space Colours could add meanings to our daily experiences.

But not only. While admiring the state of the art colour card of VR Coatings, we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. We smiled, laughed our heads off and made new friends.

Thank you, our precious guests. For the atmosphere and for the feeling that it gives us now — the feeling of warmth and confidence.

Space Colours

Our Mission: Discovering the best sustainable and robust coating solutions for the substrate of wood. Come with us.

Space: ultimate eternity. Utmost width and endless length. Richness of material and colours and yet – darkness. There is no room for mankind in space. But yet we gain inspiration from it, approaching it when taking to the sky, watching the deepest black at night, and yet the brightest sun in the mornings. We are limited in getting in touch with space, yet we embed its colours here on earth.

VR Coatings has captured the secrets of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, and the colour worlds of Mars and Venus in one colour range, at the same time providing you with a specially designed coating of high durability. Let yourself be carried away into all shades that Space can offer. Let yourself be impressed by what you will discover.