Colours of Life

Our World - a true festival of colour

While many manufacturers provide mere coating systems, we actually provide a world of colour. Our perception of colour is based on profound thinking and manifests itself in all the products and services we provide. It is safe to say that the deeper you delve into a matter, the more you will understand it - and when it comes to colour, we've gone pretty-much as deep as you can go.

Mediterranean Colour Fan: This glazing collection provides increased UV protection and transparency, enabling an esthetic emphasis of the wood grain.

Following the perceptions of the Theory of Colours, published by the great German poet and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the early 19th century, we too have spent much time and effort deliberating about the nature of colours and how these are perceived by humans. It is thus that we can proudly say that we have gone further than most to actually understand what constitutes colour, the effects it has, and how just the right colours can actually be created. We believe that colour really spices up our lives and are therefore true advocates of magnificent colours.

A truly modern as well as natural colour system

Our colour system was designed to support the naturalness of the substrates it is applied on and to emphasize the natural beauty. We implement state-ofthe- art technologies to develop sophisticated pigment combinations that not only underline the look of the respective substrate but also minimize the physical effects caused by UV light and climatic influences. The individual colour combinations are created by using special software in conjunction with manual or industrial colour dispensing machines. Our customers are therefore given thepossibility of creating and adapting individual colours through the use ofspectroscopes, thus enabling particularly rapid colour selection and production.

VR Colours: This covering collection is based on stable, lightfast pigments, and provides design colour shades such as pastel shades.
VR RAL: This standard RAL collection provides covering colour shades, and is well known in the market due to its proven, high-quality colour shades.

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