SEDIPAN is nothing short of a revolutionary system that uses cutting-edge technology to provide coating solutions for a wide variety of wood applications. It is based on in-depth research and an innate sense for colour, making this more than your average coating system. Even the name itself is based on the chemical nomenclature that makes SEDIPAN such an exceptional system.

Apart from the fact that SEDIPAN comes with the added benefit of our comprehensive know-how and in-depth services, it knows to impress with a colourless base that can be used for opaque as well as translucent colours. Furthermore, VR Coatings provides with SEDIPAN systems that dry particularly quickly, with a drying time of just two hours at room temperature for standard impregnation and primer. Greater durability is achieved in the midcoats through the use of state-of-the-art UV filter, which at the same time provides longer colour stability in translucent systems.

But even when it comes to additional features, SEDIPAN is able to deliver, providing the possibility of effects such as gold metallic, and additional products, like sanding primers, sealers, cleaners, defoamers and anti-crater applications. This all goes to show: we understand your needs and have incorporated the respective solutions in SEDIPAN – our product range for wood applications.